Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes bare butt

Rosa Mendes, WWE Main Event
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Female WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes’ bottom was shiny and bare when tag team opponent Layla grabbed at her shorts at the Natalya & Rosa Mendes vs. Layla & Summer Rae WWE Main Event last week.


Much discussion was made in supposition that female wrestlers usually wear a thong underneath, but those in the wrestling know on oops forums instructed that she in fact was, one with with clear elastic bands giving her bottom that as much commented upon shiny gleam. You can actually see it when you re-watch her magnificent behind with hindsight.

Rosa Mendes, WWE Main Event Rosa Mendes, WWE Main Event Rosa Mendes, WWE Main Event

You can download a movie of the event including the butt-bearing clip here (, 1280x720 | 237.41 MB | 7 min 21 sec).

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